PAST THERAPIES   Release your Past set your Future Free

I’m Irina Silva

Transpersonal & Life Coach

Helping You Release your Past Setting your Future Free

Transpersonal Coaching

Sessions where you are able to integrate your experiences, connecting body, mind and spirit all together. Learn more about this powerful approach.


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Helping You Achieve Success

Discover your own Potential to unfold your Greatest Life!

We can help to shape your perspective into a healthy and productive one. Whether it’s your career, your relationships, or anything else that’s important to you, we’ll help you develop the habits and skills to effectively deal with the challenges and emotional moments you may encounter in life.

How to release past memories and patterns?

How to free from blockages that can affect your emotions?

How to better understand relationships and behavior?

Let us help you let go the past and set your future.

Goal Setting

Strategically set the goals you want to achieve professionally or personally

Limiting Beliefs & Patterns

Remove and clear your life from those patterns or beliefs that are limiting your true life to happen

Removing Ancestral Blockages

Free your life of recurring and limiting blocks coming from previous generations

Accessing Your Inner Power

You Are Enought! Access your Inner power, motivation and achieve your goals

What Is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is an excellent method to help you to achieve your own goals. Life Coaching Sessions are very Goal oriented, we’ll work as partners to keep you motivated and empowered, soon enough you can achieve or overcome your personal or professional goals.
“The most reliable way to predict the future is to create it.” –Unknown
Let’s start  now!

Transpersonal Coaching

Bringing all the tools I’ve learned all over the years, holding space for you to self heal wounds, beliefs, remove patterns, blocks; trough meditation; clearing and divine work.
As a facilitator I’ll meet you where you are and we’ll work together to achieve your purpose. We are spiritual beings having a human experience and sometimes we get lost on the journey. My clients seek for guidance, to understand or find their true calling, some are in big life transitions, others need to integrate more their own experiences. I’ll meet you where you are and we will work together on your physical, mental, emotional or spiritual development. I work as a guide to help you achieve a better version of yourself, a more fulfilled and balanced one.
Explore your authentic self, release your personal essence!

Family Systemic Constellations

A professional coaching method that works with the roots of the dynamics presents on human relationships. When you are looking for answers, some old patterns in your love life, relationships, professional life may come up. The entanglements found on every family roots keep powerful connections that we are not always conscious about, just like DNA we bring and keep some encoded information, but genetics is very limited explanation, Epigenetics explains it much better these days. You bring, breath and live with a lot more information that you are aware off. Keeping family history in your DNA, subconscious mind, energetic field, etc., is just a very limited explanation.
With Family Constellations you can step in the process and set free the pattern in a very profound and intensive way. Release your own block that are keeping you apart from your greatest life.
The dynamic of Family Systemic Constellations happens in a group workshop. Some will bring their own theme (your question, or issue you want to work), others will participate- eventually be part of the Constellation as representatives or just as observers. In the end each and everyone present will bring something within.

Past-Life Regression

You can experience a full-sensory memories, or flashes of images. You might feel emotions, hear sounds, some people can describe smells and describe textures during the process.

Akashic Records

Akashic Records are the Matrix of our soul, where we keep all our experiences from our soul journey. Accessing these records can also help us to understand the Universal Laws of Karma and unlock our Divine purpose and live our human experience in a more integrated way, according to the plan that we’ve commit to before. 
What have I come here to learn?
What have I come here to contribute?
What is my Soul lesson?
These are some questions that most clients bring to Akashic Records Session.


Karmic Partners & Twin Flames

Have you ever notice that you may run away from a certain kind of partner and next thing you know you find someone new with the exact same characteristics? What is going on? you may think… Why is this kind of people drawn to me? With Karmic Partners coaching you can look at it with a totally new perspective. Instead of running away from the inconvenient and stressful kind of people you may want to try think differently and end the cycle. Cycles end when we acknowledge, forgive and set free the Karmic lesson behind.

On Twin Flame connections the biggest part of the journey is work your inner resources instead of chasing the connection. I empathize, understand and review myself on your journey. Today I’m more resourceful, more integrated. I also have worked with other coaches to get me to where I Am today. I understand the struggles you may have been trough, the lowliness when no one seems to understand you, but I also also know there’s a way to live a more peaceful life and overcome all the craziness of running/chasing dynamics. All Divine Partnerships bring great lessons and knowledge. Remove the “noise” and the “dust” and you’ll see it clearly. 
Book your session and we’ll work together to help you clearing your path. 





A way of communication between the conscious and subconscious minds. We can establish the communication between conscious and subconscious mind that at some point was disrupted, lost or broken, to bring light and understanding to that memory, experience or information that NOW may be the cause of a troublesome disorder.

About Me

 After many years helping people heal the body&mind, coaching them towards healthy life changes, I finally understood that I wasn’t including the Spirit. I kept searching and studying internationally between Europe and USA, giving me different backgrounds in Hypnosis, Past-Life Regression,  Family Systemic Constellations and Transpersonal Psychology, which I consider to be amazing tools for releasing and accepting the Past to bring peace to the Present and set free the Future.
Every sessions are available in Portuguese and English.

One thing I know for sure: my Present is more calm and fulfilled, I’m more conscious and happy, still have a lot to integrate, improve and learn, but I’m on my way! I’ll keep searching and studying to my spiritual grow and to help those whom life connect us together.


“experienced a review of my current life, saw all the positive moments including my childhood to my marriage and early parenting days to more recent times, love it”

“an amazing indiscernible session, such a power and fulfillment energy… thank you for your light and wisdom that guides my path to happiness”

“I saw many of loved ones including my daughters and I saw scenes from my opening up to spirituality, scenes necessary to remind me of the beauty life despite a recent lost”

Online Coaching Resources

Body Consciousness 6 weeks Program

During the 6-week Program, you will be able to learn powerful tools to commit with yourself, to embrace the changes with no fears or barriers.
With Body Consciousness Program, you will explore a brand-new world – YOU!

Embody Divine Feminine Workshop

Embody your Divine Feminine in this circle of women. There is no better place to raise your feminine power than being surrounded with powerful soul sisters while clearing wounds, emotions and blocks around feminine energy.This is an immersive workshop, where The Conscience of your Body and the Divine Feminine Energy can be experienced.


Family Constellations Workshop

When you are looking for answers, some old patterns in your love life, relationships or even professional life and money related problems may come up. The entanglements found on every family roots keep powerful connections that we are not always conscious about. Sign Up to participate or bring your own questions to work trough.

Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

Thomas Jefferson

Challenge yourself, the only way changes will happen is if you move from your comfort zone. Be brave and tale a chance to empower yourself.


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