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How Do I know if Body Consciousness Program is Right For Me?

It is well known that body weight is not only about food. Primarily as to do with emotions, self-esteem, inner value and so much more. During this 6-week Premium Program, you will discover:
– The body beyond weight 
– The body beyond trauma
– What is stopping you from achieving your dream body
– Fear behind the change
– Empowering Routines
In this immersion group, we will dedicate 50 min every week for 6 weeks to our body consciousness. Together we will create routine practices to release your body from old patterns, blocks or beliefs that are keeping you away from a healthier life and the body you desire. During our practices, we will use methods like breathing, visualization, meditation, memory regression and Chakra Healing. Also, there will be some practical exercises to teach you how to do auto-inner-massage which may reduce your stomach with ancestral yogi practices. Through these practices, you may lose body volume and weight as well as reduce or eliminate food cravings.*
 This Premium Program is based on my 20 years of studying the human body, the mind and spirit. My degree in Naturopathy gave me important tools but was not until I stepped into the Mind and the Spirit (trough Reiki, Hypnosis, Past Life Regression, Family Constellations and Transpersonal Psychology) that I have fully understood how to achieve better results. Transpersonal approach is key in this program.
Let people grow and blossom from their own experience it’s my passion.
Together we’ll discover your passion.
You will be In Love with the person you really are!
The journey starts inside you!!
*results vary for each individual

Why enroll this program?

 I came across this Thomas Jefferson quote a while ago, only to understand how true and powerful it is. This program is nothing else you’ve ever done! I’ve designed it based on my personal and professional experience. Giving you the tools to understand the layers behind the body weight, to work on it and change it is what makes this program so powerful.

Is this Program only for Women?

Absolutely not. It’s for everyone who struggles with weight problems and it’s ready to move on. It’s for all of you who understand that weight is something heavier than those pounds or kg on your body. All of us have burdens the way we deal with them may change the way we look.

The Body Consciousness program is just for those who want to lose weight?

The core of the program applies to any person who is dealing with weight difficulties, although this program was designed for those who are struggling with weight loss, and some exercises are specific to reduce body weight/volume.

Nevertheless, if you have a different situation and are interested in Body Consciousness Program send me a Message and let me know what is affecting you so I can set you on a specific program for your own situation.

Can I do it online?

Yes. We can work online on individual sessions or group sessions as well.

Is it a Yoga or Fitness Program?

No It is not.
It is a program based on my knwoledge and experience from my Naturopathy practice, weight loss Program Plans for my patientes for years, my personal experience and last years of mind ans spirit studies. For years I’ve practice and studied Yoga, for that reason I’ve introduced just a few exercises to help you to reduce your stomach and recuce cravings. Those exercices are based on internal massage. You don’t need to do be fit or do extreme excercise.
It is well known that body weight is linked to your emotional states, traumas and entanglements on your history. That’s exacly what we will address, the roots!
Body Consciousness is not a fitness program, it’s not yoga* classes or even nutrition based.

How It Works

Schedule a Free 1:1

During the Free 20 min call we will understand if we are on a good fit to work together and get us ready to understand and address your concerns, that way we can move faster to find the best approach to implement.


Choose a Coaching Plan

Having options is always good when we know exactly what we want. If you’re not sure, just send me an email or Schedule a Free 20 min call and we’ll work trough what may be a good options for you.

Reach Your Goals

If you are all set and ready to take off, just focus on your main goal and I’ll be here to give you some directions and helping you to keep all senses clear to reach your goals.

The Body Consciousness Program
6 Weeks Series

“If You Want something you never had, You Have To Do something You’ve never done.” Thomas Jefferson
Immersive 6 weeks program with weekly 50 min in-person group sessions or online sessions. Plus a 20 min call for follow up, helping you to keep the motivation and integrate routines and good practices. After you complete the 6 weeks series program you’ll receive an extra hour for a session at your choice (Hypnosis, Regression or Karmic Partners)
Let’s do something you’ve never done!


More Details

One hour long sessions dedicated exclusively to your Body Consciousness.
Online sessions can be held on Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp.
In-person sessions available for Frisco-Texas area – Sacred Space
Service available in Portuguese and English.

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