Embody your Divine Feminine Energy

Immersive Workshop

Awakening, Nurturing, Clearing and Empowering Women

What is Embody Divine Energy Workshop?

Embody your Divine Feminine in a wonderful circle of women
is a immersive workshop. For 2:30 h you’ll dive deep in the strong Divine Feminine Energy. 
Being soul*rounded with such powerful energy is always a blessing. Working with all the beautiful souls that gather to raise the Divine Feminine, sharing their energy and compassion, healing wounds and connecting with their inner world is something so beautiful that the only better way to describe it is living it. 

What consists the Embody Divine Feminine Workshop?

Embody Divine Feminine Energy is a workshop where you will work to connect, raise and empower the Feminine Energy. As Divine Souls, we’ll come together in a form of women circle to work profoundly on our wounds and strength. Bringing the powerful feminine energy together has a strong healing power. 
There will be 3 complimentary workshops. You can participate on just one or all of them. 
Awaken Sacred Feminine is the first one.
You’ll be clearing energy related with the first two Chakras. So many women have deep wounds related with Root Chakra. Fear, safety, stability are just a few to address, also represents our root connections and the connection with our mother.
Svadhisthana or Sacral Chakra represents creativity and sexuality. When imbalanced can lead to expression barriers, problems with intimacy, sexual disorders and emotional isolation.
As a facilitator I will be assisting you and the group with Chakra Meditation, Conscience of your Body, Inner Power, Breathing, and Divine Feminine Energy. Other Exercises like getting in touch with your inner child or compassion exercises will be part of the workshop as well.


What can I expect from the workshop?

During the Immersive workshop, you do meditation, visualization, breathing exercises, and dancing. During the workshop there will be interaction with other participants, it can be just to look into your partner’s eyes, giving each other hands or eventually sharing a hug (any kind of interaction is your own choice to accept it or not), although I highly recommend HUGS! It’s very therapeutic on a safe environment like ours.
This is a safe space, you may be asked to share, but you can always choose not to. 
Also, there will be time to celebrate Divine Feminine Energy. 
In the end, you may feel invigorated, empowered, released to let go some wounds and more connected with your Feminine Side.


Do I have to Sign Up for All the 3 Workshops?

No, you do not.
The workshops are independent, although if you want to do all the three  you can buy the pack and save some money.
The workshop it’s designed to help you clear your wounds, emotions and blocks around feminine energy in a progressive way.


What is the program for the all the Workshops?

1st workshop: Awaken Sacred Feminine
Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus will be on the spot.
You’ll be clearing energy related with the first three Chakras. Muladhara or  Root Chakra: Fear, safety, stability also represents our root connections and connections with our mother. Svadhisthana or Sacral Chakra represents creativity and sexuality. When imbalanced can lead to expression barriers, problems with intimacy, sexual disorders and emotional isolation.
Manipura or Solar Plexus – Self-Esteem, 

2nd workshop: Manifesting Sacred Feminine
Ancestry, connections, mother and inner child, acceptance, give and receive Love will be our main focus.
Heart and Throat Chakra energy to clear.

3rd workshop: Embracing Sacred Feminine
Embrace your feminine heritage. Feel your ancestry exercises, and feminine ancestors.
Focus on Third Eye and Crown Chakra.


How do I know if Embody Divine Feminine W. is for me?

Many women don’t feel comfortable in their own skin. Some feel they must increase their masculine energy to grow professionally, some never felt feminine entire life. Others feel feminine although they realize there is some blocks stopping them to achieve all the power they have. Feeling Complete and integrated is a great part of the workshop. If you look to be more comfortable on your on skin, more empowered, more feminine, be prepared to dig on your inner world, everything is inside you! We’ll be just assisting you to release and accept your power! Be brave and step inn.
We will be working profoundly on Feminine roots, exploring, healing and releasing tensions.
All women are more than welcome. 
Gentleman’s won’t be able to enroll, they are incredible as they are, but this time they cannot participate.
This will be a safe space to increase our amazing and powerful energy.

Where can I attend on?

Embody Divine Feminine workshop is a presential workshop. You can attend in this amazing Space in the heart of Frisco, Texas – The Sacred Space.
This workshop will happen periodically.
Send me a message and I’ll update you the dates and schedules.

How It Works

Can I bring a friend?

Off course. Life is better with friends and can be rewarding bring them. Just remember this particular Workshop is exclusively for women. We’ll be immerse deep on feminine energy work, and create a safe space for all. Gentleman won’t be able to enroll or attend.


Choose your options

You can sign up for any of the workshops or if you are determined to work on yourself and commit with your growth and power, you can select the pack of 3 Workshops and save money.

Reach Your Goals

If you are all set and ready to take off, just focus on your main goal and I’ll be here to give you some directions and helping you to keep all senses clear to reach your goals.

Embody Divine Feminine Workshop

Immersive 2:30 h of profound and powerful work of connection, compassion and healing. Empowering and Embodying Feminine energy.
In-Person Workshop held in Frisco-Texas.


More Details

Meet us on Sacred Space in the heart of Frisco – Texas 

Embody Divine Feminine Workshop

3 Workshops Pack

You’ll find much more value having all the three workshops, since your potential growth and empowerment is more profound and intense, when you are present for all the entire stages. You’ll benefit raising your energy as you save more than $230.


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